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Welcome to the AIRendition Gallery. All of the images and documents on display are produced by intelligent machines with the input of human language prompts. The results are unique and beyond imagination.

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AIRendition Collection

AI Fantasy Art

AI Fantasy Art is a genre of artwork that depicts scenes and characters from fantasy stories and myths. This type of art often includes elements of magic, mythology, and folklore. Fantasy art is typically very detailed and often features bright, vibrant colors. It is often created with the intention of evoking an emotional response from the viewer. AI fantasy artwork is often used on the covers of fantasy novels and in roleplaying games. AI fantasy art can be enjoyed by people of all ages as it brings stories and characters to life.

Fantasy Style Examples

AI Illustration Art

AI illustration art is realistic, stylized, and unique. It’s often used for advertising, product design, and even fine art. AI can be used to create illustrations that are otherwise difficult or impossible to create by hand. AI can be used to create an illustration of a person that is realistic, yet stylized. It can be used to create an avatar for a user, a logo for a business, a character for a video game or movie, and applications requiring realistic yet abstract images and designs. The possibilities are endless for what AI can create, and the results are often stunning.

Illustration Medium Examples

AI Realism Art

AI Realistic Art is characterized by its use of simple shapes and colors to create images that are realistic enough to be mistaken for photographs. The technique was first used to create portraits but has since been used to create images of landscapes, animals, and even abstractions. It is often used in movies and video games to create realistic environments and characters and is also being used in advertising. Popular name brands are using realistic images to create ads that stand out and grab attention.

Realism Medium Examples


AI generated art can be used in many of the same ways traditional generated art is used. AI generated art produces realistic, new, and original works of art. It can be used to enhance existing works of art, and create 3D models of objects or people. It is used in the creation of virtual reality experiences and models for 3D printing. AI can also be used to analyze and understand art, such as by identifying patterns or trends. This can be used to help art historians or to create art related software applications.

Artificial Intelligence is the primary source of everything you see and read on AIRendition along with a bit of human direction. We hope you find the contents entertaining, informative and valuable. 

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